Rederij De Gentenaer
Kayak Tour in Gent


Kayak Tour in Gent

Discover the city by kayak from the Lys river.

Active kayaktour of 2 hours throughout the historical city.

Followed by a relaxing guided boat trip in the historical centre with on board 1 Gulden Draak beer or orange juice.


Enjoy a delicious bread meal during the boat trip

Selection of 4 sandwiches per person and fair-trade coffee/tea + 1 Gulden Draak beer

+€15,00 pp

Preise ab €32 p/P.
mit Sortiment von 4 Sandwiches, Kaffee / Tee und 1 Glas Cava (Sekt) oder Gulden Draak Bier
€ 16.00 pp.

Alle Preise sind inklusiv MwSt
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