Rederij De Gentenaer


Ghent Adventurous

in collaboration with Rafting & Outdoor

Challenge your colleagues, family or friends for an adventurous photo search in the historic city center of Ghent on Leie and Lieve per raft.

Afterwards you can still enjoy while having a guided boat tour through Ghent with a glass of Cava or Gulden Draak beer.

Photo search where each team has to try to find buildings and monuments based on photos.
You have to drive the raft yourself and therefore requires a lot of team spirit. Your team captain is not only the helmsman but also the motivator and task distributor!

Duration of the program: approx. 3 hours

Minimum 15 participants desired to keep the competition content.

Rafts from 8 to 10 people.

Start-up of activity program with rafts at Baudelokaai in Gent.
Followed by a private canal cruise through Ghent including 1 glass of Cava or Gulden Draak beer per person. Also orange juice or soft drinks available.

Additional snacks, mixed plates with East Flemish regional products or assorted sandwiches available (on order in advance).


Catering auch möglich an Bord während der Bootsfahrt
Bei alle Bootsfahrten ist Catering an Bord möglich mit Bestellung

Specialities of East Flanders (cheese and ham with Tierenteyn Mustard) - per person
€ 4
Variety of artisanal cheeses and fine meats, biscuits etc. - per person - not on Monday
€ 12
Variety of 4 sandwiches - per person
€ 10
Cava - per opened bottle
€ 25
Champagne - per opened bottle
€ 50
Gulden Draak Beer - per glass
€ 4
Softdrink (still water, Coke, Coke Light, Fanta, orange juice) - per consumption
€ 2
Preise € 30.00 p/P.

Alle Preise sind inklusiv MwSt
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