it Barche Gent
Rederij De Gentenaer

Guided boat trip of 50 minutes through historical Gent

Departure from jetty of Rederij De Gentenaer, at Groentenmarkt / Vleeshuisbrug.

A guided boat trip of 50 minutes
along the rivercanals “Lys” and “Lieve” towards Reep to Gerard Duivelsteen.


Near the beercafé “Waterhuis aan de Bierkant” are boat trips start with live guidance and in open boats to discover the beauty of Gent along the Lys river, the Lieve canal towards the Reep (Scheldt river) to admire the 'Gerard the Devel Castle'

Closed in winter from November until March; boat trips start at Graslei, from jetty Gent-Watertoerist.

Every 20 - 30 minutes there is a departure.

bevande a bordo
€ 7.50 pp.
Anziano (65+)
€ 7.00 pp.
€ 7.00 pp.
€ 7.00 pp.
Residente di Gent
€ 6.50 pp.
Bambino (3 a 11 anno)
€ 4.50 pp.

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