Rederij De Gentenaer


Need for culture 9000

from 21/06/21 to 31/12/21


Also a fan of culture?

Do you want to help the cultural sector?

Have a look at what we have to offer you.



Upon purchase of this voucher, the amount of €2,00 will be donated to Cultuurdrang 9000 a Ghent cultural initiative



Rederij De Gentenaer & Gent-Watertoerist:

- Guided boat trip of 40/50 minutes in historic Ghent


Café Galgenhuis:

- If you buy 2 Tongerlo beers on tap : a portion of "Gentse kop" free


Café Barrazza:

- If you buy one coffee : +1 free coffee


- If you buy 1 local beer on tap : pay €3,00 instead of €4,50


Café Waterhuis aan de Bierkant:

- If you buy 2 Delirium beers: a free unique Paranoia 33cl beer


Café De Croone:

- If you buy 2 special beers of choice: a free portion of "Gentse Uufflakke"


Goûts & Couleurs Gand:

- If you buy for €25,00 of different tapas for 2 persons: a glass of white, red or rosé free per person


Brouwerij Gruut:

- If you buy 2 beers : a portion of appetizers free


Planet Yoghurt & Planet Pasta:

- If you buy a Pasta or FroYo(for a minimum of €8,00): €3,00 discount


De Witte Leeuw

- If you buy a Ghent stew with fries: a free beer on tap



€ 10.00

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