A historical and exciting town, where everyone is welcome; Ghent, a city, where water is flowing and vibrant life streams. A town full of history, art and culture.


See and book individual boat tours



All year round with reservation minimum 1 week in advance.

Closed on 25/12 and 01/01.


January + February: only open at Graslei, from jetty boat company Gent-Watertoerist
01/03 - 31/03 -> 11.00 - 16.00 (on Saturday & Sunday)
01/04 - 15/10 -> 10.30 -18.30
16/10 - 31/12 -> 11.00 - 16.00




Combi Package Expo 'Kleureyck' + boat trip

Combi Package Expo 'Kleureyck' + boat trip

Offer available from 13th March - 6th September 2020

Enjoy Ghent from it's rivers by boat and combine with a visit to the Expo 'Kleurreyck' at the Design Museum

Price: €15 p.p.
Expo 2020 'Van Eyck. An optical revolution'

Expo 2020 'Van Eyck. An optical revolution'

01/02/2020 - 30/04/2020

Guided boat trip of 50 minutes through the historical centre from/to the Bijlokekaai or Geuzenhuis - optionally with aperitif and appetizers

Followed by a visit to the MSK for the expo "Van Eyck: an optical revolution"


Ghent Floraliën 2020

Ghent Floraliën 2020

Have a guided boat trip with us while you are in Gent for this flower event. We have several points along Gents' riverways Lys and Scheldt to get on/off the boat, near the ICC buildings.

Explore the magnificent old-town of Gent in group and choose from our special Floraliën packages; a visit to Floralies in combination with a boat tour or a full day program.


Formula CAVA BOAT DELUXE ~ Het Pand

Formula CAVA BOAT DELUXE ~ Het Pand

Refind 3-course menu - drinks included

Guided boat trip of 40 minutes including 2 drinks per person and East-Flemish appetizers

Followed by lunch/dinner at Het Pand including drinks

Price with minimum 10 people: €95 pp.
Van Eyck aperitifboat

Van Eyck aperitifboat

2020 special - starting from April

Guided boat trip of 50 minutes including a bottle of OMG beer per 2 persons and special Van Eyck degustation appetizers

Not possible on Monday

Price with minimum 10 people: €17 pp.
Van Eyck's Colours

Van Eyck's Colours

13/03/2020 - 06/09/2020

Guided boat trip of 50 minutes including 1 Van Eyck beer per person

Followed by a guided visit to the expo "Van Eyck's Colours" at the Design Museum Gent

Not possible on Wednesday

Price: €28 p.p.
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